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Project leadership and organization is a determinant of success.  A poorly led project is doomed to wander through the design space, slip past milestones, and will undoubtedly miss key performance requirements. At Blackfish, each project is led by a chief engineer with both the leadership skills and the technical chops to get the job done.

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Achieving a world-class OEE requires more than just speed.  A high-performing system must avoid minor stoppages, and be quick to repair. Eliminating minor stoppages requires a ruthless determination to detect and eradicate defects in the automated process.  At Blackfish, we feel that the road to success leads through rigorous road-testing.

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Designed to Last

Building machines that continue to operate after 50 million cycles is not easy.  Quality components must be used throughout the design, and shock loads must be minimized to avoid early failure.  At Blackfish, each mechanism is designed to survive the harsh environment of manufacturing, and stand up to the stresses of many repetitive cycles. 


No Detail Too Small

Planning is key to successful automation.  Who wants a system where the final details of the system were decided on the shop floor?  We drive purchasing from our CAD models, ensuring that what we plan is what you get.



Every system is planned down to the smallest detail, allowing precise and predictable project execution.


Not Invented Here

Every system is planned down to the smallest detail, allowing precise and predictable project execution.


Designing a good automation system isn't enough.  Delivery, on-time and on specification, is




Project Leadership

Our engineers leverage global components, standardization and a rigorous methodology to deliver high-quality, reliable systems.



Agile project management 

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No Detail Too Small

The best solutions come from a collaborative approach, leveraging your knowledge about your products and processes.

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